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Bridging the gap in product management experience for aspiring product managers

About Me

I'm on a mission to give any Aspiring Product Manager the knowledge AND experience you need to land your first Product Management job. After having to stumble my way into Product a few years ago, I determined to provide a more streamlined path to product management experience, so that you can stand out in the job market. I'm not only the Founder of Path2Product, but I'm currently a Product Manager, putting into practice, every day, the things I teach and you'll do in the course. 

Why You Should Join Me

Path2Product takes a unique approach at Product Management training. You won't just sit and watch me talk, you'll actually put into practice each thing you learn, so you get the most realistic product management experience possible. We don't just teach you theory, but we take you along a guided journey into the day in the life of a product manager for a company and product of your choosing. You'll identify real customer problems through customer interviews and learn how to prioritize which problems to solve against the organization's mission and goals. The approach is incredibly systematic, so you get the full feel of the core of product management. It's rigorous, you'll learn a lot, and you'll have lots of fun in the process. 

A Big Thanks

A huge thank you to all the aspiring PMs I've gotten to work with through both MVP phases of our training, and I want to thank all of the Directors and VPs of Product who gave great feedback as we crafted this training, and the output of it, into something that hiring managers would find credible as product management experience. 

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